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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick Update

Decided to make a quick update:

I have been on the internet looking over various resources I could use to help with Russian. I started off my learning by learning the alphabet through a fun little game. After mastering that, I have begun learning a little bit of vocabulary here and there, reading up on cases, and learning basic sentences. At the rate I'm going(which is actually pretty slow), I think I will be getting the hang of the cases by the end of the month. I am setting myself up so that I can understand the base of the language(grammar, cases, pronunciation, etc.) so that I can quickly start doing reading with a dictionary and possibly start chatting a little bit with Russians online. I think once I get to a very basic conversational level, enough so to just conversate a little bit, my Russian will take off. I'll come back soon and re-update.