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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Banned Commercials - Learn English

A funny video by a German company that teaches English.


Anonymous said...

He he, very funny ad.
Though "Engels leren?" is probably Dutch, certainly not German. In German you'd say "Englisch lernen?"

The Dutch and the German language are quite close to each other, so they're easily confused. Thought the Dutch have a quite distinct "ch"-sound (produced somewhere in the back of the throat), much more noticeable than the German "ch".

I think this video on youtube shows nicely how we feel about each other - when it comes to sports.

(The old lady is German, and listens to horrible "Schlagermusik", while the couple is Dutch (readily identifiable by their trailer)). And I have no idea what the Dutch are saying.

Charlottesvillian said...

Well thanks, I've just started learning German by very little bits a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what the difference was. I just thought the commercial was funny. :) Do you have a blog?