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Sunday, September 13, 2009

After a long break...I post again. In Russia!

I last posted on my blog, it was January and I was preparing to embark on a new journey- to Russia. Now that it is Sept. 15th(the day after my birthday!), I am one week into my year-long stay in Russia. Currently, I am in Vladivostok, in the Far East of Russia. I am about a boatride from Japan, Korea, or China. I am currently staying with a roughly middle-class family, and I stay in an apartment about 20 ft. from the main apartment where the family stays, and my host brother will be moving in with me this week. My first week was spent at a school camp for 3 days, then a 4-day stay in a town called Nakhodka, 4 hours away by car from Vladivostok. There, I and 3 other exchange students had a meeting with the local Rotary club and got a chance to meet some Rotary people from the Far East. While there, we also got to try out a lot of authentic Chinese cuisine, Russian cuisine, and cuisine from the Caucasus region, all extremely good. Now that I am back, have to start class tomorrow, and will be going to one of the universities in the area. Hopefully things will go well and I will have time to get into more detail and put up photos. Until then, stay tuned haha!

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