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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update: Oct. 22, 2009

It is Thursday Night in Vladivostok, and the temperature is currently around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This has by far been a much better month than September, especially since that I now have a good group of friends and I can move around the city as I please. Classes at the University are going well, even though I need to do something about being in so many English classes. I'm meeting lots and lots of people now, and starting to use more Russian and less English(even though I definitely need to polish it a lot before I can brag). I am not experiencing any homesickness whatsoever, and in fact the only thing I miss is the love of my life Tiffany Svoboda, but that topic would take another few hours to elaborate on(I love you :) ). Anyways, I am starting on a Russian book that I got at the bookstore and even though I am only on the first page(I got it a few days ago and have had no time to really dig into it), I plan on gradually working my way through the whole book with the help of one of my English teachers. The book, that I currently can't think the name of, is a classical book so obviously there are lots of vocabulary problems, but I believe after I learn more it will get easier and easier. Next weekend, the exchange students are planning on going to Khabarovsk for Halloween, but depending on a lot of things it might happen or it might not. I am currently really enjoying Vladivostok so I have no problem with going or staying. I must go, but I will leave a more informative post soon. 1~

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